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Commercial Roofing

When you need a commercial roofer, you need Espinoza Roofing Company. Our family-owned and operated company has been servicing the businesses of Upland, California and the surrounding areas for over a quarter of a century now. There’s a reason our clients return to us again and again for all of their commercial roofing needs.


The #1 Roofing Company for Businesses in Upland

Over the course of our three decades of working in the commercial roofing industry, we’ve adapted our services to meet the unique needs and preferences of business owners. Specifically, we’ve perfected our communication with our commercial clients, so that you stay informed of project timelines and progress from start to finish.


Skilled And Experienced Commercial Roofers

Unfortunately, roofers haven’t always been known for their professionalism. This industry stereotype doesn’t hold true at Espinoza Roofing, however. We hire only the most skilled and experienced roofers around, and then we train them in best customer service practices. The result? You get a high-quality roofing job as well as an overall pleasant experience.


An Affordable Roofing Company for Southern California Businesses

Unlike other disreputable roofing companies in the region, Espinoza Roofing never price gouges. Instead, we rely on repeat and referral business to make our bread and butter. Since our craftsmanship is unmatched and our reliability unparalleled, we can count on clients to spread the word and return to us again and again for all of their commercial roofing needs. We don’t consider ourselves a cheap roofer because we never cut corners, yet our prices are surprisingly affordable.


Our Commercial Roofing Services

At Espinoza Roofing Company, we have the most comprehensive range of commercial roofing services anywhere in Southern California. We understand that every business has unique needs, and we offer options to meet every budget.


Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofs (SPF)

There are many advantages to spray polyurethane foam roofs, including energy efficiency, affordability, and ease of maintenance. It’s important that these types of roofs are applied correctly, however. The contractors here at Espinoza Roofing are specifically trained in SPF application and are highly skilled.


Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Roofing (EPDM) 

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Roofing (EPDM) is made of a flexible synthetic rubber and comes in both black and white. Advantages of this type of roofing include affordability, durability, and energy efficiency. The roofing specialists here at Espinoza Roofing are available to assist you with your options and answer any questions you may have about EPDM roofing.


Acrylic Roof Coatings 

At Espinoza Roofing Company, our acrylic roof coatings are some of our most popular options for our commercial customers. Ideal for restoring and protecting metal roofs, acrylic roof coatings are heat resistant and can save businesses a ton of money in energy costs, especially during the summer. These roof coatings are also economical and easy to apply and maintain.


In addition to these commercial roofing solutions, Espinoza Roofing Company also offers commercial service contracts. These professional contracts include routine maintenance and repair of pipes, skylights, chimneys, and more. We can also inspect seals and flashing.

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