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Industrial Roofing

If you’re looking for an exceptional industrial roofer, look no further than Espinoza Roofing Company. From local businesses to large public institutions, hotels, and apartment complexes, we’re proud to serve our industrial clients with economical and durable roofing solutions that stand the test of time.


The Most Affordable Roofing Company for Industrial Applications

When you have a large roofing job such as a multi-building installation or restoration, you can trust Espinoza Roofing Company to provide you with a reasonable solution. While we may or may not be the cheapest roofer to provide you with a quote, we guarantee the best value for your budget. How? By keeping our prices low and our work ethic high.


Espinoza Roofing Company: The #1 Roofing Company for Industry in Upland

At Espinoza Roofing Company, we’ve done our part to support industry in Upland, California and the surrounding areas for over three decades. Our mission of providing affordable, high-quality industrial roofing solutions for factories, businesses, public institutions, and other properties and buildings throughout the region is one that is very close to our hearts. When you hire Espinoza Roofing for your industrial roofing needs, know that you’re getting not just a contractor, but a true partner invested in your success.


The Best Industrial Roofing Contractors in the Business

Our contractors drive our success here at Espinoza Roofing Company. That’s why we hire only the best. We know that our reputation is on the line each and every time one of our roofers nails down a shingle or even steps foot on your property. It’s something we take very seriously, so you can trust that our team is comprised of only the best contractors in the industry. This guarantees a satisfactory result for our clients, not only in terms of craftsmanship, but in terms of overall experience as well.


Our Extensive Line of Industrial Roofing Solutions

Our wide range of industrial roofing solutions ensures your needs are met, no matter what roofing service you require.


Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a popular choice for industrial applications because of its longevity. Metal roofing is also able to withstand the elements and is heat-resistant for energy efficiency. At Espinoza Roofing Company, we have many metal roofing options for you to choose from, and our contractors are highly skilled in metal roofing applications.


Flat Roofs 

Many of our industrial clients find flat roofing systems appealing because of their no-nonsense functionality and affordability. These types of roofs are built to last and are easily maintained, especially with the wide variety of roof coatings now available.


Industrial Sloped Roofs 

Industrial sloped roofs are low-sloped roofs that may appear flat but are slightly pitched to facilitate water runoff. These types of roofs are more economical and easier to maintain than high-pitch roofs because they’re more easily accessible to the industrial roofing contractors hired to install and repair them.

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