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At Espinoza Roofing Co. in Upland, California, we are certified professionals in roofing restoration and rebuilding services. Trust the experts at our roofing company with any roofing project for your home or business today.  At our Espinoza Roofing Company, we specialize in repairing flat, low slope, and standing seam roofs.


From complete rebuilds to simple roofing restoration services, we have the right fix for any project you have in mind. Our professional and certified roofers take pride in their work and ensure you are completely satisfied.


Allow us to tear off and haul away the damaged sections of your roof as part of our roofing repair services. We properly service and repair vents, pipes, skylights, and chimneys. We can also inspect your flashing to ensure everything is sealed.

In addition, we repair and replace all fascia and starter boards, and we address any dry rot or wood rot damage on your roof.

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roofrepair Repair & Restoration

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How To Tell When Repair Is Needed

Espinoza Roofing Company can repair, rebuild, or restore your roof.  Here is how to tell when your roof is in need of help:

  Your roof's age is past the manufacturer stated lifetime
  You notice shingles curling or buckling
  Roof leaks
  Missing, Broken, or Damaged shingles
  You see signs of Dry Rot, Sagging, and other structural problems

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